Kamis, Maret 21, 2013

Stay at home mom is boring?

'You probably bored staying at home all the times"

I have probably heard that kind of comments more than once, when I told someone that I am a stay at home mom. Usually I just smile, or grin to be exact.

Honestly, it's not boring to be a stay at home mom. I like being at home. I know, I told you that my first years as a stay at home mom was a real struggle, but surprisingly I am enjoying it now. Alhamdulillah I finally see the rainbow behind the clouds.

I can not be bored staying at home, because I always have something to do at home. First, I have two sons. They wouldn't let me job-less at home. They do learn to eat, change clothes, and tidy up by themselves, but we can't expect butler's work from 4 and 5 year old. Second, I also determine to feed my family with home cooking. I'm not a best cook ever, but part of me being home is preparing home cook for my little family. Store-bought food probably could cut my time in the kitchen, but...No. Last, we don't have maid as most of people have back in Jakarta. We also don't have any relatives here. So, no help what so ever. Washing, cleaning, tidying, bla bla bla, it's my job. Those three reasons only can keep me busy at home.

You might find me sitting by the TV or laptop, but it's not because I don't have anything to do. It was just because I delay to do something to get rest or taking my "me time". Well, hey, I'm human. If I don't take a break sometimes, I can't do anything else.

Between my 'have to' activities, my head keep think of something else. I think of making curtain or cushions' cases. I also planning on next week menus. I think about how to decorate our home. I think about taking care of my garden and add more plants. I think about teaching my youngest to ride bike. I think about how to give my kids more knowledge about Islam at home (you know, because it's not enough just sending your kids to a TPQ(religious school), we have to give them something too at home). Helping my son with homework and learning to read. Thinking about teaching them good habit. I think about drawing or writing, as my hobby. Thinking about trying new recipes. I have to sort these thoughts and plans into priorities. Usually the hobby lost the battle of priorities, but it's alright. But this time I delay my tidying chore just to type this post. Don't worry, I'm typing while my washing machine is working. I'll stop when it's time to hang the clothes to dry :)

Anyway.. I don't know how other stay at home moms could have nothing to do at home. Maybe they are professional moms? You know, because I'm just an amateur stay at home mom, so maybe I'm not managing my tasks efficiently? Maybe. But I don't feel so buys any more. I use to feel very panic and overwhelmed by tasks. It was like I was drowned in lots and lots of tasks. However, even though the tasks are still as much as they were, I feel I can manage it better now. I'm not so busy, but I always have something to do.

Maybe there will be time when all my boys busy with school, and friends, and sports or music, or other activities. Maybe there will time when my sons will only have a little time for me and not needed me so much. Well until that time, I embrace all these, and make my family as my first priority.

So hang out with friends is something I don't do much. I meet a very few friends sometimes. I only have a few friends here, which is alright. Few friends are big blessing if they make us feel good.

Anyway, I just hang my clothes outside to dry, cleaned up living room, and it's time to pick up my youngest son, and...I already forgot what else I want to say in this post, so I better sign off now.

The point is, being a stay at home mom is not boring. You can always find a thing to do at home. Being creative and care.

Salaam :)

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