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A little mommy's references

I'm just thinking..
Well, the first reason why I made this blog was to keep and to share my experience in becoming mommy. But, the fact is, I haven't really post much about it.

Then take this post as a little compilation of what I did or what I got after a lot of learning about finding what's best for the baby and mommy. If you are a new mommy, or going to have another baby, it's never to late to learn and think, which ways that suitable for the baby. There are a lot of myths, opinions and influences(!) out there that might confuse you so much. However, even though I would never thought that I were perfect, I went through most of these following points(I failed some of the points too. Hey, I'm just human!), and it suited me and my babies well. You read, you experience it, and you can tell whether these would help you. First of all, sorry for my not-good-English, but I will try to be clear here ;)

In random order:

- When you're pregnant, avoid coffee, smoke and cigarette's smoke, MSG, all the bad things that your body(and baby) can absorb it (so alcohol and marijuana is forbid to, for God sake!)

- Eat healthy-er. If you can not eat totally healthy, just eat healthier than you usually do. For example, just do the point above. That's the minimum.

- Vitamins and pregnancy milk are not always necessary, especially when you can increase the healthy food consumption for yourself. Good point eh? Because sometimes when we pregnant vitamins and boxed milk just tastes more yucky than usually is :p

- Find good gynaecologist and hospital/clinic. I heard in Indonesia, there are some naughty docs and hospital that often advice their patient to go caesarean even though the patient is healthy enough to labour naturally. I think they're just want to make more money. Greedy...oh, greedy...

- Breastfeed your baby since they first born until 2 years old.

- When your baby is born, your milk will might seems not getting out so much or at all. Don't worry. It will come out if you persistent. The nurse might advice you to give the baby a manufactured milk. But reject it, if you can. As I remember from my readings, the baby will still be ok even if he/she doesn't got any milk in about 24 hours or so. Please find the more accurate info about this, because I really had forgot.

- 'Persistent' is the key word of breastfeeding! Anyone will suggest you to give manufactured milk to your baby, by saying your milk is not enough etc. But if you PERSISTENT, you will produce a river of milk by yourself, honeymommies! :)

- After your baby is born, you still should eat and live healthier. For the sake of your baby, won't you do it?

- Follow your heart. You will be surround by myths. Your heart can actually tell which myths are strange enough to be true. So, learn, learn, learn and always try to find the truth. Don't just swallow everything that comes to you.

- There are lots of pro and cons about immunisations. Learn more and find what makes sense to you and your baby. Every child has different condition.

- ASI exclusive. Exclusive breastfeed is when the first 6 months of baby's life, they only consume breast milk and nothing else. NO-THING ELSE. Just fight for it. Fight! Even if your own parents might try to give the baby some food, just fight for it. Say NO ( I feel like I could say FIGHT with a spear in one hand, and baby on the other!)

- After 6 months old, baby can LEARN to eat. AND, baby doesn't eat rice and beef rendang and sayur bayam right away (so Indonesian menu). I believe baby should learn eat the food one by one and one step at the time. Please read thoroughly this post until finish, I will tell you where you can learn the details.

- Children don't always need vitamins and antibiotics. Be a wise patient. Many of Indonesian doctor loooooove giving you unnecessary vitamins and drugs, as if they're selling it. (Could you believe that a paediatrician tried to give my 2 year old son Sangobion?? I just threw away the prescription)

- Baby shouldn't consume salt and sugar until one year old. They will get these from food.

- Best food is natural food. Cook from the scratch. I avoid manufactured baby food, we don't really know what they put in that manufactured food, they probably has preservatives too.

- If baby got enough breast milk and have enough nutrition from natural food, bottled vitamins are not necessary.

- Internet is your friend and books. The following mailing list and websites helped me a lot through the baby and toddler moments:
* Asiforbaby (http://aimi-asi.org/) join the mailing list. This 'mommy club' is realllllly reallllly helpful. You can ask anything about your baby here, and lots of mom will share. Join them now!
* La Leache League International (http://www.llli.org), many information about breast feeding.
* Wholesomebabyfood (www.wholesomebabyfood.com), many information of how to feed the baby with food for the first time after 6 months old. Very, very useful.
* GiziBayiBalita (http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Gizi_BayiBalita/) a mailing list organized by Wied Harry, an Indonesian nutritionist, author and TV presenter. He gave much infos about healthy food for babies and toddler. He will answer your question and the moms will share too.
With these four site/mailing list alone, you will get good support.

- Nobody's perfect. You might try, you might succeed, you might failed. However, don't give up everything.

- Things could be stressful. Talk to your husband, talk to anyone you trust about your stress. Listener might help you released the stress. You can talk to me as well. I could be a listener :)

- Get rest whenever you can, even a minute for tea time.

- Breastfeeding has lots of advantages. Learn this and you won't dare to let it go.

- Again: Learn and Persistent.

Briefly, above points will support you. You can find more info anywhere.
At the end, it's just a sharing. I'm not doctor, nutritionist, nor any expert. I'm just a mom who just want to share.

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