Minggu, April 15, 2012

Dear Parents, please READ this book: Totto-chan, Little Girl at the Window

First time I read this book was in 2003. I was single, and not really think about children just yet. I HIGHLY recommend this book to all parents. This book is enjoyable not only for parents, but also for the kids. As I enjoyed it when I was a single, I encourage you, Singles, to read it too.

This book is autobiographical memoir of a Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, a very unique little girl whose parents accept her UNIQUENESS, and never give up finding the 'perfect' school for her. The book is funny, unique and very inspiring. You will remember how you feel and think when you were a kid. I envy Totto-chan for having so great time at Tomoe Gaku-en, the school.

Parents, especially in Indonesia, please read this book, and don't give up your kids over some STRANGE education in our country. The schools are exist to cater our kids' needs, not the opposite. When a school requests RIDICULOUS requirements even before your kids enroll, we better question it.
We love our kids, don't we? Then, we should be pleasing our kids, not the school. School is service, not business(quoted from my hubby).

See this page about Totto-chan: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Totto-chan/109247369105512

p.s: If you haven't read this book, you can check the Indonesian version of the book: Totto-chan, Gadis Cilik di Jendela by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi in the book stores
p.s too: I'm not a book seller. So I'm not promoting this book over money, but for the kids ;)

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