Kamis, Februari 09, 2012

D.I.Y Haircut!

This is the second time I do my own haircut. Yep! I cut my hair. By myself. Yep.
No worries, because if I messed my hairstyle, I have headscarf to cover it, of course.
The first time I cut my own hair was because I felt too busy to go to beauty saloon. So I just tied my hair and snip-snip, cut.
It is simple, and free, hehehehe! And if you fail, just cover it up :p
Here's what I did. Get these tools: sharp scissors or haircut scissors (I bought one at the Japanese 'barang-barang ngga penting'--> borrowing my brother's term for unnecessary stuffs), two rubber bands and comb.
First, do this in the bathroom. Tied your hair and make pony tail on the top of your head(or wherever you like. Nobody will see it anyway). Use 2 rubber band to tie it up. First rubber band tied close to your skin head. The second one tied few centimetres from the first band. The second one is actually to keep the hair that will be throw from being too messy on hands.
Wet your hair, especially on the part that you will cut. Get scissor and cut your hair between the two bands. Then, you will have a bundle of hair, tied, not messy and fall over the floor.
So what will you do with the bundle? Well, I just dug the ground in the garden with my hand and put the bundle in the hole and piled it with ground. The rest of the hair in the bathroom simply just flush it down with running water or pick it up and flush in the toilet.
Hehehe... simple, eh?
Oh one trick from my Mom, if you want to have hair bang, just get a piece of cello-tape and put it on your hair where you want to have the bang. Then, cut the hair by the direction of the side of the cello-tape. That way you'll get a straight hair bang. She did this to me when I was a child.
I remember that getting my hair cut by a hairstylist was a joyful activity on the old days. I had a very trusted hairstylist. I trust him to cut my hair anyway he likes. Always turned out great. I don't have to ask anything. He's just know my hair so much.
Anyway, just wait for my husband to go home, and see what will he say about my hair now. Yeeeess..husband is the only one you have to worry about if you mess your hairstyle eh eh eh..