Rabu, Januari 25, 2012

My absence and the City of Seagulls

Wow, it’s been soooo long time after my last posting!
I guess for the last 8 months, maybe, blogging was not my first priority in what to do list.
Maybe I should make one posting of why didn’t I blog. However, the reason is about my mother, and it will make me sad if I have to remember it again by telling the detail of the story.
What happened was, my mom got hospitalize last April, 2011. She got stroke and we ran her to hospital. The doctor decided to make a surgery. Unfortunately, after the surgery my mom was never awake again. She stayed in ICU room for 22 days, and passed away on May 17, 2011. I probably not need to mention that, my family and I was shocked and sad. Well, actually we went through many ups and downs feeling through the days when she was still in hospital. First we shocked, and then we learnt to accept that Mamah was ill. After that we decided to build spirit and hope in ourselves that she will be awake again. Then, we finally had to accept that Mamah was probably better with Allah than with us. That morning the doctor called us urged my dad and I to run to hospital just to release her go. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiuun.
Tears. The whole month. And after.
Days after that were not so easier also. My husband and I had planned to move to New Zealand for about two years before. So we had to leave Papah there. My mind was storming to find a way so that my dad would not be so alone after we leave. It became a huge problem then. Anyway, it’s another long story and it just make me sad and sad. Maybe some time later I will tell.
After my mom passed away, we moved to smaller house. My parents were actually longed to sell their big house to buy a smaller house. As my eldest brother and his family got their own house, and my second brother moved to Singapore, I was the only child they had who still lived with them, with my husband and kids too.
When the house was finally sold, my mom got hospitalized. So she never knows how it’s like to be in her new house.
Sad. Again.
Our moving to a new house was not so easy for me. I had to pack up the things and stuffs from that old big house. That house was once the home for 8 persons. So the stuffs that they had left were pretty MUCH. It is not easy also, to deal with my mom stuffs. Everything was reminds me of her.
If I count it, my family and I have been moving at least three times in a year! From my Mamah’s old big house to my Papah’s small house. Then moved from Papah’s house to apartment in Central Auckland. Again moved from apartment to unit house where we staying now.
Anyway, enough with pre-moving to NZ thing. We departed from Soekarno-Hatta released by family. You know, I was worried a little knowing we will travel 13 hours by plane with 2 very active toddlers. Alhamdulillah, they can sit well and not trying to escape anywhere else. Maybe because they love vehicles, so experiencing to be in an airplane was fantastic for them. Abang said, “Bunda, pesawat bagus ya. Dalemnya juga bagus. Abang seneng”(Bunda, airplane is great. It’s inside is great too. I like it)

The fact of meal time was kind of absurd, the stewardesses was delivering meals on 4 o’clock in the morning of Indonesian time (I still don’t know what meal was that in NZ time), made us feel like preparing fasting on Ramadhan! Of course, the boys couldn’t wake up and stay asleep until REAL Indonesian breakfast time.
We arrived in Auckland International Airport in the beautiful noon. The water sight on our left was glowing as the airplane was landing. Boys were up and excited. After that we hailed taxi and checked up in serviced apartment the company had rented for us.
The sun was warm, but the wind was cold. They call it summer. I call it cold. Known as city of sails, I call this city of seagulls, because we can find seagulls everywhere in this city. They fly and making squeaking, giggling voice, hang out on the streets’ lamps, on the parks, everywhere.

Anyway, Auckland, here we come.

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