Rabu, November 10, 2010

A courage to show myself

this is the second time I put myself picture in this blog. As I was just out from the 'madness period' as I told in my other post about Ppd, I almost lost all my self-esteem and confidence. You can see I almost never put myself photo in this blog. Maybe just one or two, along with everybody else. I always hate to see myself in pics. My freckled face always looks pale but dark and gloomy.
But recently I found this blog. The writer is a plus-sized hijabi. She said "I see no reason why curvier women can't be modest and stylish at the same time". I thought, ya.. I used to accept my self just the way I am, my look and everything in me. No reason that NOW I can't show myself in public.
Soon or later I just got to get over it, and regain my confidence again.
So, even still in hesitancy, here are some of my pictures.

Black knitted maxidress+grey cardigan+skinny belt+grey pashmina

Black jumpsuit+tanktop+soil cardigan+pashmina. Basil didn't want to be taken in the picture.

white cardigan+...I forgot what I wore underneath, hehe. Skip!
Each item that I wore is not more than IDR100,000. Most of them not even touch IDR50,000. Bwehehehe! Darn, I'm so thrifty!

Houda, thank you ^^

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