Selasa, Oktober 05, 2010

First One

So this is my first post with my new look. Embarassing tho, that this look I shot after few quick mix'n'match before leaving the house. Aaaaand, this is not the look of my first day wearing hijab. Um, no.
My first day wearing hijab is quite a mess. Because I wore silky headscarf without any undercap. Hello... I was busy with my scarf all the time at the mall.
Well, at least I know now (duh!) I must not wearing silky scarves without any undercap (and many pins, I guess).
So here I just grab my quite-new maxi dress and my very old black denim jacket. I wear slip-on hijab made of jersey, very comfy. Sorry about the blur picture. As you see I took a shot of myself while holding a cart 'filled' with my sons. Not good at all. My poor capability of taking a shoot of myself seems not ended yet. Hmm, better luck next time :D.
Anyway, I hope I could ask someone, how did I look?

Oh, I almost forgot, the dress is made of cotton I think. I forgot about the price, but I'm pretty sure it's not more than IDR.100.000 (it's no more than USD11 maybe).
Ok, see you next week ;)

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