Rabu, September 29, 2010

New Hijabi

Assalammualaikum wr wb,
I finally managed myself wearing hijab now (alhamdulillah!), even though it has been years postponed and almost forgotton. Long story!

As I decided to wear hijab, I realize that there will be some changes in our closet. I need clothes that cover up most of my body, like longer and looser tops and bottoms, and also headscarves.
Since I don't want to burden my dear hubby with too much shopping, I feel that I have to go thrifty. I always been thrifty anyway. Well, most of the time.

Anyway, so I guessed it'll be a pretty good idea if I start to put this in my blog. I love clothes and I love writing, and I love if I can get cheap-good fashion items! I also have to mix and match the clothes I have, and I probably don't always get it right. You may help me then *whispering* ^^.

But, remember, this is not a flashy, up-to-date fashion blog. So you won't be finding me in designers' clothes, since I'm not so into branded fashion items. You won't even find great English writing too, since my English capability is quite limited.
One thing, I actually a camera-shy, but let's clean my closet's mirror and give it a shot!

Salaam. :)

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