Rabu, November 10, 2010

A courage to show myself

this is the second time I put myself picture in this blog. As I was just out from the 'madness period' as I told in my other post about Ppd, I almost lost all my self-esteem and confidence. You can see I almost never put myself photo in this blog. Maybe just one or two, along with everybody else. I always hate to see myself in pics. My freckled face always looks pale but dark and gloomy.
But recently I found this blog. The writer is a plus-sized hijabi. She said "I see no reason why curvier women can't be modest and stylish at the same time". I thought, ya.. I used to accept my self just the way I am, my look and everything in me. No reason that NOW I can't show myself in public.
Soon or later I just got to get over it, and regain my confidence again.
So, even still in hesitancy, here are some of my pictures.

Black knitted maxidress+grey cardigan+skinny belt+grey pashmina

Black jumpsuit+tanktop+soil cardigan+pashmina. Basil didn't want to be taken in the picture.

white cardigan+...I forgot what I wore underneath, hehe. Skip!
Each item that I wore is not more than IDR100,000. Most of them not even touch IDR50,000. Bwehehehe! Darn, I'm so thrifty!

Houda, thank you ^^

Selasa, November 09, 2010

Flash News

Just a tiny flash news, the Obamas, just land on Halim Perdanakusumah Airport. Michelle is pretty casual but neat, and pretty hijabify look. I'll borrow pic of her from somewhere later on ;)

Well, here we go!

Probably a little too casual, compare to our First Lady maybe? Hm..

The pics are from here.

Anyway, I guess this is not really important news. I was just wondering what would Michelle wears when she climb down the airplane's stairs.
Cheers! ;)

Jumat, Oktober 29, 2010

Bunda is Hungry Too

Pernah nggak saat menyuapi anak-anak, kita yang ibu-ibu ngiler berat sama makanan anak sendiri. Hmm...apa cuma gue doang ya? Ha ha ha!

Anak-anak kadang susah makan ya. Mungkin karena mereka bosan. Sebetulnya sih kalau nggak ingat usaha kita memasaknya, sikap mereka dapat dimengerti. Makan nasi setiap hari? Huh!
Dulu waktu aku masih kecil juga seringkali bosan sama yang namanya nasi. Tapi karena pengasuhku dulu adalah almarhumah Nenek, yang dengan.. ehm-beliau banget deh, bisa membuatku makan nasi lagi hanya dengan berkata, "Orang kalo nggak mau makan biasanya udah mau mati". Hiiii..aku takut dan terpaksa makan lagi, he he he. Yah, maklumlah, beliau kan orang 'dulu', Betawi pula. Jadi nggak ada tuh urusan rayu-merayu atau metode-metode ilmiah tentang dampak psikologis anak. Bwahaha! Anyway it works, thooo?!
Jadi sekarang kalau anak-anak susah makan, dugaan selain karena mereka ngantuk atau sakit atau kenyang karena cemilan, adalah mungkin mereka bosan dengan nasi. Maka, kubuatkanlah makanan selain nasi, seperti pasta, mi, bihun, atau kentang. Makanan ini kan enak-enak, bahkan bagiku juga. Jadi kalau sedang menyuapi mereka makanan ini, kadang Bunda jadi ngiler he he he!
Tapi nggak tega juga ya, kalau ikut makan makanan mereka. Aku juga nggak pernah terpikir membuat porsi makanan mereka lebih banyak biar aku bisa ikut makan. Soalnya nanti makanan buatan Mamah bisa nggak kemakan, he he. Salah satu makanan yang suka bikin aku ngiler sendiri yaitu kalau aku bikin pasta/noodle with white sauce. Nyummmiiiieeeeh..!
Nggak cuma emaknya lho ternyata yang suka ngilerin makanan anak, bapaknya juga suka ngiri kalau anak-anak lagi dibuatin omelette. Ternyata juga, bukan cuma kami, tapi sepasang suami-istri yang juga sepupuku suka ngiler melihat rantangan sehat anak mereka. Hwehehe, jadi nggak salah dong kalau Bunda ngejilatin sisa saus yang menempel di mangkuk makanan anak-anak. Haaa...jorok! ;P

Kamis, Oktober 07, 2010


You know,
it's been quite long I've been at home, not seeing so many people like I used to at work. I'm no longer dressing, touch my face with some make up (even though I usually done it sheerly), or try new hair style.
At this very moment -sigh- I have to remind myself that I'm pretty.
Yes, I have to.
Because I usually forgot.
So whenever noone tells me that I'm pretty. I have to remember that I AM. Because if not, it will take me down.
So love me God.

Selasa, Oktober 05, 2010

First One

So this is my first post with my new look. Embarassing tho, that this look I shot after few quick mix'n'match before leaving the house. Aaaaand, this is not the look of my first day wearing hijab. Um, no.
My first day wearing hijab is quite a mess. Because I wore silky headscarf without any undercap. Hello... I was busy with my scarf all the time at the mall.
Well, at least I know now (duh!) I must not wearing silky scarves without any undercap (and many pins, I guess).
So here I just grab my quite-new maxi dress and my very old black denim jacket. I wear slip-on hijab made of jersey, very comfy. Sorry about the blur picture. As you see I took a shot of myself while holding a cart 'filled' with my sons. Not good at all. My poor capability of taking a shoot of myself seems not ended yet. Hmm, better luck next time :D.
Anyway, I hope I could ask someone, how did I look?

Oh, I almost forgot, the dress is made of cotton I think. I forgot about the price, but I'm pretty sure it's not more than IDR.100.000 (it's no more than USD11 maybe).
Ok, see you next week ;)

Kamis, September 30, 2010

The Beginner's List

What a hijab beginner needs?
I will try to make a list here, in my opinion. Let see:
- Headscarf or shawl (of course)
- Undercap
- Cardigan/jacket
- Long pants/skirt
If you like you can also get some atachable manset/sleeves/cuffs (Not really get it? I'll talk about this in later post).

Yes, I draw it with crayon. Yes, it's my sons'. Yes, it's not a good drawing. Would you stop??

All the above items are essential to our transition days. Our clothes was maybe tight and short, that can not cover the parts that need to be covered.
Those are the least you can buy.
Here's what's in my shopping bag:

I got IDR 30,000 each for the plaid (looks a bit like Burberry's, huh? :p ) and IDR 20,000 for the stretchy blue one.

The undercap I bought are actually a very wide bandana. The sellers usually call it Ciput Mesir or Ciput Arab (Egyptian/Arabian undercap), I got them for IDR 9,000 each.

For cardigans, probably we'll talk more in other post.

I bought them all in online shops. Yup!

Hm? Why my didn't I choose the basic colors for scarves? Well,... because I like the ones I chose. Besides, I still live with my Mom and she wear hijab looong before I do. So I can borrow the basics while gradually buying for myself. Hehe.

That's all?
Well, I still have long pants and long sleeves tops. I also don't go out much, since I became a stay at home mom. With these limited clothes I (probably) still can survive!
Insya Allah..

Rabu, September 29, 2010

New Hijabi

Assalammualaikum wr wb,
I finally managed myself wearing hijab now (alhamdulillah!), even though it has been years postponed and almost forgotton. Long story!

As I decided to wear hijab, I realize that there will be some changes in our closet. I need clothes that cover up most of my body, like longer and looser tops and bottoms, and also headscarves.
Since I don't want to burden my dear hubby with too much shopping, I feel that I have to go thrifty. I always been thrifty anyway. Well, most of the time.

Anyway, so I guessed it'll be a pretty good idea if I start to put this in my blog. I love clothes and I love writing, and I love if I can get cheap-good fashion items! I also have to mix and match the clothes I have, and I probably don't always get it right. You may help me then *whispering* ^^.

But, remember, this is not a flashy, up-to-date fashion blog. So you won't be finding me in designers' clothes, since I'm not so into branded fashion items. You won't even find great English writing too, since my English capability is quite limited.
One thing, I actually a camera-shy, but let's clean my closet's mirror and give it a shot!

Salaam. :)