Selasa, Desember 09, 2008

Resep Brownies Kukus (steamed brownies)

Ya well, I know lots of people sell steamed brownies these days. And ya, most of the brownies are Amanda's style. Which I won't say it's bad, but Amanda's steamed brownies' style I think is more to cakey-like or perhaps cottoncake-like brownies. Well, it doesn't taste like a brownie.
Later, few days ago when my mum's oven broke down while I felt like craving for something chocolaty I looked for something that chocolaty yet no need for an oven, I started looking for recipe. Well, a brownies should be chocolaty, right? So, I browsed for steamed brownies and found some steamed brownies recipes. Most of them are cottoncake-like I think. Then I remembered my mum has small book of brownies "Aneka Kreasi Brownies". Hey, what do u say, it got steamed brownies with Talas. The thin-small book's recipes are made by Sedap Magazine.
So anyway I skipped the talas and started to make brownies with whatever I got at home. To make sure it's chocolaty enough, I added 1 tablespoon of cocoa. I kinda like the result. It's not like Amanda's at all. It has texture that makes it more brownie-like, but much softer by the steaming of course. So, why don't you make it once and tell me about it.

Here's the recipe:

Simple Steamed Brownies

150 gr dark cooking chocolate
150 gr margarine
3 eggs
100 gr minus 1 tbsp of sugar
75 gr flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp cocoa

How to:
- melt chocolate and margarine by steaming them
- mix eggs and sugar with electric mixer just until it gets thick
- fold in melted chocolate til blend
- add shifted flour, baking powder and cocoa
- mix them well
- pour into greased and floured baking tin or pyrex.
- steam it til done (approx. 30 min)

You can add in anything u like in ur brownies to make it richer.
But I like it that way, maybe just add another mount of chocolate next time. Viva chocoholic!

Oh as usual, here is our little tester, with brownies' crumble.

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