Rabu, September 24, 2008

I want my Basil back :(

Emang ke manakah Basil?
Nggak... dia ada di rumah. Tapi ada nanny juga.
I felt Basil is been half-taken hostage! By the nanny's existing, I cannot do much with him. I want to teach him quite many things. Just the basic thing, like eating by himself, or go to toilet. But by the nanny always on his side, I felt the 'eying' thing. I do not feel free to teach my own son. (and my nanny is very 'berisik'. I got irritated lots by her many times).
Basil maybe is a baby still. But I just don't want him to be a baby forever, who depend on the adult too long, like many common Indonesian babies are or were.
Of course, I won't be like some these-days-mother whose teaching their child to read in very early age. I do not feel it will be any great thing. Why teaching a baby to read, while he can't eat by himself yet? So I think better teach them the basic things is more logical, so they will be more independently grown up.
I just want the moment of Basil and me (or my babieS and me-soon!).
Not just the existing of the nanny, I-myself too cannot fully taking care of him yet. By carrying 9 months old baby in my womb, it's not easy to chase Basil when he run or carrying him on my hands every time he or I want.
It's few weeks more to my due birthing time. I just hope I get fit soon after that, to take care both of my boys. Especially Basil whose needing extra quality time in learning things at this moment.

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